Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Writing Challenge

Today's post is a writing challenge/exercise from the folks at Light and Shade Challenge. They provide an image and a quote and the challenge is to write 500 words based on that. So, here is today's picture and quote:

Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality
Les Brown

And here is my attempt (well under 500 words - it's actually under 100!):


“You are so stupid!”
A stone.
“Can’t you do anything right?”
A stone.
“You are worthless!”
A stone.
“Why do I even put up with you?”
A stone.
“You should never have been born!”
A stone.
“You will never amount to anything!”
A stone.

One day, she looked up and saw the smallest sliver of sky, piercing the darkness beneath the walls of gray stone. She removed one stone. Then another. And another. Until she had a road paved with the stones she’d removed. She walked down the road and never looked back.

© Kris Biffle Rudin, 2015